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A Flyer Design

February 20, 2017

During Fall Quarter I completed a flyer design for the student-run business I work for, Pictor Graphics.

Pictor is a Graphic Design and Print Production business running  under the tutelage of the Department of Technology at Walla Walla University. Pictor provides the opportunity for students to practice the skills they learn in the real world.


This flyer was designed as a project for a Graphic Design and Layout class, but will be used to advertise Pictor’s services to the community of the Walla Walla valley.


All images and grahics are my own.






Behind the design:

I took the background image on my Canon Rebel (with a Canon 50mm) somewhere between Walla Walla, WA and Joseph, OR. We were on our way back from a quick overnight road trip to the Wallowa wilderness (which I had just realized is less than three hours from Walla Walla!). When I started my design brief on this project, I knew I wanted to use an image of the hills in or near the Walla Walla valley. This image was perfect. The addition of a familiar image will cause potential clients to feel like Pictor is accessible and familiar with the Walla Walla valley.


Many people in the area (and even on campus) have not heard of Pictor, so this flyer is part of a marketing push to let people know that we exist. As in social justice, awareness is the first step. Because people don’t generally know about us, I included a small map to help locate Pictor in their minds.


Finally, I included a list of our most commonly requested products and services. This will immediately connect potential clients to projects they have that we may be able to help them with.

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