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A Typeface

October 7, 2014



I finally took the Typography class I’ve been eyeing since Freshman year, and here is the beginning of the results. Our final project assignment was to create a font of any style using Adobe Illustrator.


My design is based on a couple of rules I set for myself. First, I filled as much space as I could while keeping the letter recognizable. This involved filling all of the counters and some extra white space besides that. Second, I stuck with a sans-serif geometric style. While there is some small variation, most of the letters are the same size.

I planned most of the letters out on paper first:




















While I did begin drawing a potential lower case version, I decided to stick with the upper case for now. Better to do fewer things more thoroughly, I think.

Straight into Illustrator, and here’s my progress!




The set is nowhere near finished, with lots of optical corrections etc. to be made, but I’m happy with these as a start.


As a side note, I’ll definitely be in search of a good type design program on the off chance I make a stab at this again.


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